Sunday, November 27, 2011


Basketball Wives L.A." star Draya Michele is telling friends she NEVER, EVER filmed herself having sex with Chris Brown ... and now she wants to sue someone's ass over reports that such a tape exists.

Model SueLyn Medeiro Sex Tape! (*Warning* Must Be 18yrs Or Older To View

Model SueLyn Medeiros -- the hottest DUI arrestee of all time -- tells TMZ, the sex tape that just hit the Internet featuring her and her BF was jacked from her computer without permission ... and now, she's gearing up to sue. She has no idea how it happened -- but SueLyn claims she has already contacted a lawyer, and plans to drop the legal hammer on the website that published the video. SueLyn tells us, "I am very upset and angry with all this and the way it was released and what was said about me ... I am in a loving relationship, and me and my boyfriend took a few personal private videos doing things I'm sure every couple does." She adds, "Someone stole these files from us ... My family is very upset and disappointed. My mother can't stop crying. I want justice." Attempts to reach the people behind the site were unsuccessfu


Why Is He Just Standing There: Blood Beats Down Dude In Washroom For False Claiming!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Isaac vs Sir Locksley

The Saurus / Illmaculate vs Manik / Spyte PLUS FIGHT

KOTD King Of The Dot Entertainment inc. PresentsPutYourMoneyWhereYourMouthIz' 2011 2vs2 Grand Prix The Saurus / Illmaculate vs Manik / Spyte Hosted By: Emotionz Filmed & Edited by HipHopVancouver

Rap Battle - Dizaster vs DNA ( Co-Hosted by DRAKE )

Rap Battle - Dizaster vs DNA ( Co-Hosted by DRAKE )

Real Deal vs Ness Lee #FollowTheLeader

The most anticipated and evenly matched battle from the event pitts Georgia native and intricate wordsmith, Ness Lee against one of the most consistent and vicious emcees in battle history, Real Deal. Who will advance to the finals of the Most Hated to battle A-Class?

Brixx Belvedere vs Blackheart Adonis - CT

Battle from GTGA's "Southern Takeover"

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Michelle Parker: Missing Florida Mom 'Humiliated' by 'People's Court' Appearance

The mother of a missing Florida woman who disappeared the same day her case appeared on "The People's Court" said that her daughter was "humiliated" by the show. Michelle Parker, a mother of three, was last seen Thursday afternoon when she dropped off her 3-year-old twins at her ex-fiancé Dale Smith's home. Parker also has an 11-year-old son from a previous relationship. The feuding couple appeared on "The People's Court" to resolve a dispute about the $5,000 engagement ring that Parker, 32, allegedly drunkenly threw over a hotel balcony during an argument. Parker's mother Yvonne Stewart told ABC News that when Michelle returned from taping the show in the summer, she said, "It was the most humiliating experience of my life. I don't even ever want to see it. I wish I had never gone." Stewart said the appearance on the show was Smith's idea for resolving their dispute. The show offered glimpses into the couple's tumultuous on-again, off-again relationship that dates back to 2006. "He gets pretty malicious and vindictive, especially when he's been drinking," Parker said in court. "He shouldn't have put his hands on me and shouldn't have put his hands on me prior," she said. "He shouldn't have left me three or four times over the past year and a half that we've been together." On the show, Parker accused Smith of cheating on her with at least seven different women and they argued about visitation rights regarding their twins. Despite the fights and allegations of cheating, Parker's mother told ABC News that Smith is a great father who cares about her grandchildren and her daughter. "He is crying every time I talk to him on the phone," Stewart said. "He loves my daughter. They just didn't get along." When asked if she believes Smith could have anything to do with Parker's disappearance, she said, "We don't know. I don't know." Judge Marilyn Milian ruled on the show that the couple should both have to pay for the ring and ruled in Smith's favor, ordering Parker to pay him $2,500. "He doesn't deserve either half after what he's done and put me through, but it is what it is," Parker told a court reporter on her way out of the courtroom. "This fatal attraction relationship here, is there still anything left to it?" the reporter asked. "No, it's over," Parker replied. When Smith exited the courtroom, he told the reporter he was "a little upset" and said regarding the relationship, "As far as I'm concerned, it's done. She's the one...she sent me this text message last night saying she still cares and she's just so confused. Now she's changing her story again. Maybe she's bipolar." Parker's family is fearful, but still hopeful. "If anybody has her and you're holding her hostage, please let her go," Stewart said. "Let her come home so she can raise her babies." Hundreds of volunteers have been organizing searches since Thursday, passing out flyers and making t-shirts. The "Michelle Parker Missing Person" Facebook page has more than 3,500 followers. "My wife's out there. Everybody is searching and let's hope we find her and bring her home," Parker's father Brad Parker told "GMA." Parker's Humvee was recovered on Friday, but authorities say they have not yet found her iPhone. "We did find cell phones, but we did not find her cell phone," Orlando County Police Department spokesman Sgt. Jim Young told "We've been receiving a lot of tips. There are constant tips coming and we're following up on every one," Young said. "We don't want to rule anything out. Everything we're doing is for the safe return of Michelle, that's what we're focused on." Through contributions from family and friends, a $13,000 reward is being offered for information about Parker's whereabouts. "We're treating it as a missing person's case," Young said. "We're not saying [anyone] is a suspect or person of interest, but we're talking to everyone that knows and knew her." When asked if she believes her daughter is still alive, a teary-eyed Stewart replied, "I do. I have reason to believe that she's still alive. Absolutely."

25 "Worst Passwords" of 2011 Revealed

25 "Worst Passwords" of 2011 Revealed If you see your password below, STOP! Do not finish reading this post and immediately go change your password -- before you forget. You will probably make changes in several places since passwords tend to be reused for multiple accounts. Here are two lists, the first compiled by SplashData: 1. password 2. 123456 3.12345678 4. qwerty 5. abc123 6. monkey 7. 1234567 8. letmein 9. trustno1 10. dragon 11. baseball 12. 111111 13. iloveyou 14. master 15. sunshine 16. ashley 17. bailey 18. passw0rd 19. shadow 20. 123123 21. 654321 22. superman 23. qazwsx 24. michael 25. football Last year, Imperva looked at 32 million passwords stolen from RockYou, a hacked website, and released its own Top 10 "worst" list: 1. 123456 2. 12345 3. 123456789 4. Password 5. iloveyou 6. princess 7. rockyou 8. 1234567 9. 12345678 10. abc123 If you've gotten this far and don't see any of your passwords, that's good news. But, note that complex passwords combining letters and numbers, such as passw0rd (with the "o" replaced by a zero) are starting to get onto the 2011 list. abc123 is a mixed password that showed up on both lists. Last year, Imperva provided a list of password best practices, created by NASA to help its users protect their rocket science, they include: It should contain at least eight characters It should contain a mix of four different types of characters - upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, and special characters such as !@#$%^&*,;" If there is only one letter or special character, it should not be either the first or last character in the password. It should not be a name, a slang word, or any word in the dictionary. It should not include any part of your name or your e-mail address. Following that advice, of course, means you'll create a password that will be impossible, unless you try a trick credited to security guru Bruce Schneir: Turn a sentence into a password. For example, "Now I lay me down to sleep" might become nilmDOWN2s, a 10-character password that won't be found in any dictionary. Can't remember that password? Schneir says it's OK to write it down and put it in your wallet, or better yet keep a hint in your wallet. Just don't also include a list of the sites and services that password works with. Try to use a different password on every service, but if you can't do that, at least develop a set of passwords that you use at different sites. Someday, we will use authentication schemes, perhaps biometrics, that don't require so much jumping through hoops to protect our data. But, in the meantime, passwords are all most of us have, so they ought to be strong enough to do the job.

Boy Gets Knocked Down Twice Infront Of His Mother & Uncle At School In Harlem, NY

Boss Sh*t: Guy Does Amazing Pool Trick Shots Using Blonde Girl

2 vs 2: CSUN College In California Fight! (Girls Take It To The Dorm)

Brazilian Woman Smashes 600 Men For Nothing! (*Warning* Must Be 18yrs Or Older To View

Lost $50,000 grand prize LOST BY 20 NUTZ

7-year old wrestler dominating - STEVO POULIN

Man Gets Brutally Kicked In The Face 3 Times During A Parking Garage Brawl!

Downtown Brawl: Chicks Gone Wild! (One Left With A Bloody Face)

TWITTER FIGHT --Friend brings out a bat.

Just Got Real: 2 Dudes Throwing Hands Over Facebook Comments & Bully Gets It!

Teacher Gets Into It With One Of His Students Outside Of School!

Teacher Gets Into It With One Of His Students Outside Of School!

T-Pain vs Chocolate Drop (Kevin Hart) - Rap Battle

Video: Danny Brown’s Detroit State of Mind

Danny Brown takes us to his childhood Detroit home, bringing back mixed nostalgic feelings: “I went to jail on this block, I got beat up on this block, I met girls on this block.” Brown sounds happy to have moved away, but he’s not afraid to reflect. Here’s a look at how he has turned his past life—and his new—into humor and great, honest music. Read more:

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Diamond Says BET Fixed Their Awards So Nicki Minaj Can Win Them!

Power 105 1's "The Breakfast Club" Interviews Diamond formally of Crime Mob. Talks about her and Lil Scrappy breaking up because Scrappy was jealous of her. Her relationship with Soulja Boy, how she felt the BET Hip Hop Awards was rigged for Nicki Minaj to win, her car being repossed and more" - The Breakfast club

"Charlie zelenoff at Johnny Tocco's gym in Las Vegas after knocking out Floyd Mayweather Sr"

Floyd Mayweather Senior, Charlie Z (Who Threw A Cheap Shot At Floyd's Father) Post Fight Argument!

Damn Lil Homie: Bus Beating After Acting Out

Get The F*ck Out Our Hood: Papi's Get Washed For Causing Problems Where They Shouldn't Have In NY!

College Football Play of The Week: Joe Adams Nasty Punt Return Kick For Touchdown TD Run! (Tennessee vs. Arkansas)

Big Girl Gets Wig Ripped Then Stripped In The Bay Area!

Fight Compilation Of The Week: Boy Put To Sleep In Louisiana, Dominican Barbershop Knockout, Teen Gets Dropped On His Head, Baltimore Cat Gets Put On His Azz & Man Fighting Over His Mom’s Wig

Fight Compilation Of The Week: Boy Put To Sleep In Louisiana, Dominican Barbershop Knockout, Teen Gets Dropped On His Head, Baltimore Cat Gets Put On His Azz & Man Fighting Over His Mom’s Wig

Fails Of The Week - WTF?

Thursday, November 3, 2011





Bad Girls Club Chelly fights Stasi Full Fight!!

Rapper That Got Stomped Out By Rosemo700 (Blood) Responds! (Says He's Coming For 211 Of CTE)

211 (CTE) Records Rosemo700 (Blood That Allegedly Knocked Out The Game In The Mall) Beating The Breaks Off Another Local Rapper Due To Twitter Beef! (Says Compton Menace Is Next) Rapper That Got Stomped Out By Rosemo700 (Blood) Responds! (Says He's Coming For 211 Of CTE)

Where's That Change At? Fight Video



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